• Lavender Dried Bundles - 22" - 24" Long, Guaranteed!

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    Lavender Dried Bundles - 20" to 24" Long Guaranteed 

    • Handpicked for quality assurance
    • Each bundle has in between 150 to 170 stems. Each bundle measures in between 22" - 24"
    • Perfect for weddings, birthday parties and any other occasion
    • We only use natural products to grow our lavender plants

     Long lavender bundles are a true visual delight accompanied by a magnificent soothing aroma. No wonder you would love to decorate your in-house party ambiance with the aromatic lavender bundles. When it comes to best options in long lavender bundles, Findlavender is one of the most recommended options. We offer only high quality lavender bundles up to 16-26 inches. What separates Findlavender bundles from other lavender bundles around is that these are carefully hand-picked by experts to guarantee optimum quality assurance for the customers and are ready for you to decorate that special ocassion.

    These bundles are grown in USA, using natural products chiefly to assure a safe chemical free production. Each of the lavender bundles carry 150 -180 stems. You will simply adore the rich purple look of the bundles that make these bouquets a perfect fit for any party- these make a wonderful wedding décor.