Lavender JUMBO Bundle - 18" Tall


This item is out of stock, but your can pre-order now. We will start shipping these bundles again by the second week in August, 2016.

Lavender Flower Stack - 18" - Tall, Guaranteed!

Are you looking for something elegant for your center table? Flowers are a lovely choice here and it would be great to count on lavender Bunch. The purple lavender is quite a beautiful vista and its mesmerizing aroma has made it a coveted choice for every classy home owner out there. Our Flower Bunch are quite popular today and have also earned rave reviews from our customers. What separates the our Lavender Bunch from the other regular lavender bouquets in the market is that the we hand-pick our flowers to ensure best quality assurance for the customers.

These deep purple lavender bunches are 18 inches in length with 6-8 inches of top width and 4-6 inches of bottom width. The stacks weigh around 12 oz. We employ seasoned in-house vases for the bunch arrangement. All the lavender flowers used are grown in the US & are derived right from 2014 harvest. Lavender Grosso has been used for designing these flower bundles. You can also use these lavender stacks for wedding decoration.