• Lavender - EDELWEISS Plant 4" Size Pot

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    Lavender Edelweiss - 4" Pot

    Edelweiss Lavender is one of two of our white flowering lavenders. It has greener leaves than our White Alba and grows a little wider. Flower buds appear light pink before opening to reveal a pure white flower. It looks great blooming against other purple lavenders like Hidcote or Grosso. The intensely fragrant flowering stems can be harvested for fresh crafts like wreath making, however they won’t keep much color once it is dried.

    ·         Perfect mix with other purple lavender

    ·         Water Requirements:
    Once established, needs only occasional watering

    ·         Height:

    28 - 36in.

    ·         Spacing:

    36-48 in.

    ·         Hardiness:

    USDA Hardiness Zone: 5 - 11

    ·         Sun Exposure:

    Full Sun

    ·         Bloom Color:

    White Color Flowers

    ·         Bloom Time: